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with Lisbon Design Week at Roca Lisboa Gallery

Mariana is a fibre artist with and engineering background.

She's been adapting tapestry culture to modern interiors creating contemporary designs and new ways of presenting tapestries.

Her atelier offers bespoke and unique handmade works with a modern touch.


More about Mariana here.

"I want to add texture and comfort to spaces, while giving people a sense of exclusivity and belonging through beauty."

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Handwoven tapestry made with cotton, wool and other fibres; suspended on a support covered with fabric.


60 x 3 x 87 cm

This tapestry emerges from a spontaneous burst of creativity, woven without sketches, its sole inspiration being the choice of a synthetic, enduring electric blue as its canvas. This bold tonality serves a dual purpose: it symbolises the boundless strength of our oceans while also drawing attention to their delicate fragility - a stark reminder that every material we create might outlast the natural wonders it represents.

A work that it's a call to action, reminding us that while we may thrive without synthetic creations, our existence hinges on the vitality of Earth's water bodies.

As a decorative piece it aims to add texture, comfort and beauty to a space, along with a message of warning and hope: we are responsible for keeping our oceans as vibrant and long-lasting as anything else we create while on this planet.

Let this tapestry serve as a reminder that with mindful stewardship, we can craft a future where art, design, and sustainability thrive hand in hand.

More about Mariana's work here.

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