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A contemporary tapestry studio

that offers bespoke and unique

handmade woven works

to all kind of interior projects.


"I want to add texture and comfort to spaces."




I never thought about pursuing a career in arts.

I remember designing clothes on the back of school notebooks, stealing my mother’s sewing machine to start projects that are still unfinished, selling handmade scarfs to highschool friends, and I still wear my own sweaters around these days.

But it was only one year after discovering the art of manual weaving, filling home walls with tapestries and dreaming of a day-to-day in a studio of my own, that I realised I didn't allow myself to think about it seriously because "it wasn't supposed to".

I graduated in Industrial Engineering and Management, with a track record of good professional and personal behaviour governed by the exact sciences, and worked for 3 years in logistics, until being questioned about my career ambitions in the company. Oops. 

I never thought about pursuing a career in arts, but I do now.

And I want to add texture and comfort to spaces with my work as a fiber artist.

- Mariana

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All pieces are unique and handmade.
If you would like to know more about my work or to commission me for a custom design please feel free to contact.

Thank you for your message.

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